Out Sourcing Services

Remote Infrastructure Management

Infrastructure Management is a fundamental function of an enterprise that may not have a direct bearing on the revenue generated through its business, but still requires inputting a large pool of resources. And allocation of a large pool of resources is directly proportional to making large investments. This is where the process of partnering with companies that provide remote infrastructure management services becomes critical. With remote services, the bulk in-house operations like IT support can be carried out at far-lower costs, also saving on time and resources.

Benefits of Partnering with Systel

  • Access to skilled resources for all domains
  • Minimum up-front costs
  • Resource and command centers spanned globally
  • Provision of real-time reports and alerts
  • Provision for integration with client’s existing system tools
  • Thus, the infrastructure management services of Systel equip you with ideal solution to address the management challenges

Human Resource Outsourcing

Any top-performing organization out there realizes the worth of having a skilled workforce. The focus in such companies is always on hiring the best and nurturing their skills further. Apparently, the competition and diverse nature of economy has also necessitated reducing the total employee cost.

Outsourcing HR helps companies to trim down the overall costs and free resources so that they can be devoted to the core functions and revenue-generating operations of the enterprise.

At Systel, we offer highly competent HR outsourcing solutions to our clients, helping them to employ and retain the top-performers and at the same time reduce time and total costs. We partner companies globally, leveraging the streamlined processes and enabling them to take maximum advantage of the outsourced hr capabilities.

Our Services include

  • Setting up employee guidance and official procedures for hiring new people
  • Handling operations like payroll processing and taxes
  • Creating job descriptions and staff handbooks and accelerating the procedures of new hiring
  • Managing operations like Employee Benefits administration and invoice settlement.
  • Handle the safety programs for employees, and OSHA compliance duties.
  • Handling termination of employees.

Systel has an experience of providing a myriad of outsourcing services to the most reputed organizations globally. Our holistic services add value to your relationships with your employees, clients and stakeholders.